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About us

   We are the Filter Producer who has been manufacturing filters for heavy equipment since 1980. Our main products are Hydraulic Filters.

   The mission of our company is to deliver top quality Filters in the shortest possible time and at affordable prices.

   We implement proven production technologies. In each and every case, the priority is the quality of workmanship and the client's satisfaction.

   Our major clients are companies connected with:

  • production of vehicles, machines and devices
  • repair, service and diagnostics of vehicles, machines and devices
  • sales of spare parts and consumables for vehicles, machines and devices
  • production of spare parts and consumables for vehicles, machines and devices
  • exploitation of vehicles, machines and devices

   The size of our company and our production profile suits perfectly the manufacture of products in small and medium-sized series. We have completed numerous non-typical projects.

   We try provide our clients with comprehensive supply of filters from our own manufacture (5422 items).


We guarantee covering repair costs of all vehicles, machines and devices to amount of 30000 USD for any damage caused by the filters of our production. Thus, we want to assure you that we produce only properly working filters, and therefore we do not worry to give so unusual security guarantee.

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WWF Filter - producer of top quality filters. We produce mainly hydraulic filters.