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Standard production

   Learn more about the profile of our production and contact us, to know whether we have the filters you need.

Production on demand

   If we do not have the filters you need in serial production, we will most probably be able to do them on demand.

   However, first you need to get us the necessary technical data of the filter, such as its symbol, dimensions, constructional details, or application. A good solution is also to get us photos, handwritten drawing, technical drawing or sample of the filter - it might even be used or partly damaged.

   Very quickly you will know whether we are able to produce it, price, delivery, payment, etc.  Obviously, the inquiry is without obligation. You will decide, whether the offer is acceptable to you.

Regeneration on demand

   If we cannot to produce the filter according to your requirements, we will most definitely be able to regenerate it. This service means disassembling the filter, removing the used filtration material, replacing it with a new one and assembling the filter, using remain components again. Used filters should be delivered to us. As many as we receive, we will regenerate so many. Therefore, do not dispose of used filters.

Lead time

   If we have the filter you need in stock, we will send it immediately. The production or regeneration on demand usually takes us from 1 hour to 3 working days and nothing extra costs. We work instantly and use only the best filtration materials.



We guarantee covering repair costs of all vehicles, machines and devices to amount of 30000 USD for any damage caused by the filters of our production. Thus, we want to assure you that we produce only properly working filters, and therefore we do not worry to give so unusual security guarantee.



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